Our Story

TBH? We’re just a bunch of gamers. Gamers with passion, skill, and talent. We’re the elite you don’t see, the ones you never knew you wanted to be on a team with. The ones that defy status quo. Get ready to see us everywhere.
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We used to be TEAM #RAFI but we realized that we needed a bigger megaphone for our big talent and big ideas. OMiT is Rafi. But it’s also so much more.
We’re here for love of the game. But we also have a creative vision. A vision of a gaming revolution where people like us can see themselves at the top tier of gamers.



Some of our proud clients

We don’t just want to play. We want to entertain. We want to compete. We want to show the world what they’ve been missing. If you’ve been following #RAFI all along, we want to give you even more.

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